Audio Setup under Linux

When I decided to do a video of my bachelor party, I determined that I was going to need to narrate it. This made me realize that I needed a microphone - which I didn't have. A bit of looking around on the internet, lead me to realize that I had a copy of Singstar lying around that wasn't being used.

No, really - it wasn't. I work for Sony, and I got a free copy of Singstar. It comes with the game, as well as two microphones and a USB adapter which you plug both of the microphones into.

When I plugged the USB interface into my laptop, I found that Alsa had noticed the USB microphone; I had only to enable it in order to have an extra input slider to move up.

Once that was in, I realized that I needed something with which to record the sound. Under Linux, this neat program called Audacity is the way to go. I went to Edit -> Preferences -> Recording-> Device, and selected the "USB Audio" input device.

For my next stunt, I shall try to get around to recording a voiceover for the slideshow, import it into Cinelerra, and then actually render the resultant video. I anticipate catastrophe! This will be glorious.

-- SeanNewton - 01 Aug 2008

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