Gun Shops Near Dothan, AL

Good Prospect places

  • Pawn City - 334-794-9100 - photo on website shows old guns

Prospective C&R places

  • Area 51 Tactical - 334-873-4150 - looks modern but site suggests they have a lot of unlisted items, so perhaps C&R too. No answer on phone.
  • Hardens Gun Shop - 334-299-3249 - gun side of the shop opens 3pm today, call back after 3
  • Mike's Guns - 334-983-4867 - no answer yet

Unlikely C&R places

  • Cliff's Gun Shop - 334-774-9430 - person who answered the phone didn't know what a C&R was, checked the case and didn't see anything old looking.

I know not to bother with

  • Lock n Load - modern pieces only, no C&R, based upon website
  • Ordnance Depot - 334-598-1101 - modern pieces, no C&R, based upon phone call

-- Sean Newton - 28 Oct 2014


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