Digest of the February 2008 mp3alumni 'online video questions' thread

Thanks to geekd, Randy, Nathan, Joy, Dave Dudas, and Michael himself

Additional References

All the References links, except the first one, came from Sander.

Individual Sites


  • Pros: Ubiquity and name recognition, free
  • Cons: 10min video length limit, 10mb size limit, poor audio+video quality, doesn't handle widescreen.


This site seems primarily oriented towards instructional videos.
  • Pros: Pretty decent quality. 100mb limit.
  • Cons: Unknown.


San Diego based company; Michael Robertson's suggestion.
  • Pros: Higher quality than Youtube, no length limitations, free.
  • Cons: No idea.


San Diego based company; tossed in for consideration by Randy.
  • Pros: Higher quality than Youtube.
  • Cons: DiVX plugin required to view videos.


Sander works there. Randy mentioned it. Sander states it's more of an IPTV thing, not so much a video clip site.
  • Pros: Unknown
  • Cons: Unknown


Another San Diego based company. They have a partner site for setting up your own sorta-youtube-ish service.
  • Pros: Monetization of your own videos. Integrates with websites. Apparently the "hosting bundle" lets you do your own sorta-youtube service with your own userbase too.
  • Cons: Users see ads unless you get the premium hosting bundle.


Beta site; not sure about limitations. Randy mentioned it.


Nathan and Sander both recommend it; no plugin required.
  • Pros: High definition, allows download of original video file
  • Cons: Unknown


Another option; primarily oriented towards companies however.

-- SeanNewton - 20 Feb 2008

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