Using the Console for your Desktop Apps

Instant Messaging

While naim is still around, it demands color. Not only is it hideous and annoying, but it doesn't even want to work when you ssh in from a mac. Wish naim would support black+white better.

The current clear-cut winner here though, is finch. Not only is it just an ncurses front-end to pidgin (hence it keeps your same preferences, etc) but it also works pretty well. However, you DO need to make sure your alt key works over ssh - check the mac notes (off the top page of this site) if you are on it.


Alpine is the successor to pine, and works pretty much the same. There are still some aggravations with it, but it could be much worse than it is.

Browsing Facebook

Lynx is the obvious choice here. It turns out that their persistent cookie support finally works, but what doesn't work is staying logged on across multiple invocations of Lynx. Not sure why this is, but it's a bit annoying.

-- SeanNewton - 30 Mar 2011

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