About Aptana

On my system, I had to install Eclipse (yum -y install eclipse). Also had to install a few other RPMs.

Dealing with JRE issues

Because I'm on Fedora Core 8, I had to download Sun's Java runtime environment, given that FC8 ships with a beta version of JRE 1.7, which Aptana can't handle. The ominous message I got in the logs was, "Missing Constraint: Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: CDC-1.0/Foundation-1.0,J2SE-1.3".

The fix was to run a command I've never heard of before: update-alternatives, which is part of the chkconfig package. In this specific case, I ran "update-alternatives --config java". I selected the number of the Java package which corresponded to the new Sun java package, and life quickly became good. Aptana started up immediately thereafter.

Getting Ruby on Rails installed

I found that I could not actually download the Aptana Ruby on Rails plugin automatically. The fix for that was to follow the URL which popped up in the failure message (in this case, http://update.aptana.com/install/rails/3.2/), and follow the helpful instructions for the manual download/installation.


Of course, I have no idea yet if it'll even do anything I wanted it for, so this may be a short-lived application romance.

At any rate, it seems strictly necessary to keep 'top' running in another window, so that it's possible to tell if Aptana is doing anything. It can seem to be doing nothing at all, but then suddenly up it comes with the next screen of a project setup. This is probably because I'm running a machine much slower than it would like me to run, but what can I say? I've got the patience to try this out.

-- SeanNewton - 22 May 2008

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