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This wiki is a very generalized "dur, I need to write down something useful" area. There are plenty of things I do on my home network that folks later on ask me how to do, so I'm writing it down here (both for their reference and my own, since I don't exactly rebuild RAID arrays every day).

In case you're wondering what the logo is... I thought 404 errors for /favicon.ico were annoying, so I decided to write a logo that says 'notebook'. That sounded a bit too boring, until I remembered the kanji for "book". So you can probably take a wild guess and conclude that the logo means "notebook", with "book" being written in kanji. Three years of Japanese in college, and so far its most measurable impact on the world at large is a logo on a website.

You'll note that the tone here is less formal than my work on TheGunWiki. This is partially because I have a lot more to learn about firearms than I do about Linux, but it has a lot more to do with the fact you'd would really have to have a colossal comedy of errors in order for inadvertently doing one thing or the other to land you in jail (configuration issue, negligent discharge, etc) or the hospital without advance warning under Linux. The same can't be said about guns.

It's also not guaranteed that I'm the only one writing in this wiki. A few friends of mine have access, as the goal of this page is to create an electronic counterpart of post-it notes (albeit ones which are useful to the world at large).

-- SeanNewton - 07 Jul 2008

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